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  • Pre-Loan (Digital Onboarding)
      • OCR

        Simply convert your KTP image to become text format. This can reduce the probability of human error (typo) when collecting the person’s information.

      • ID-Card Anti Fake

        An anti-counterfeiting measures to detect Photoshoped, Printed, and blur to deter forgery and ensure authenticity.

      • Face Comparison

        Compare images, whether it is the same person (face) or not. This can be done by comparing two different images, or a selfie-photo while holding the KTP.

      • Liveness Detection

        To detect that the customer is a real live person, not a picture or printed image by analyze the pixels in the picture. This can be done actively or passively.

  • Risk Management
      • Credit Score

        A numerical assessment of an individual's creditworthiness, typically based on their financial history and other relevant factors, used by lenders to make lending decisions.

      • Phone Activity Score

        A numerical rating assigned to an individual's smartphone usage patterns and habits, often used in fraud detection and risk assessment by financial institutions and other organizations to verify the identity and behavior of the user.

      • Social Media Detection

        To detect phone number that has been registered on Social Media.

      • Phone Number Verification

        A process that confirms the authenticity of a given phone number, typically by sending a one-time code to the provided number and requiring the recipient to enter that code to prove they have access to the phone.

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